We are focused on delivering outcomes that you want to achieve, rather than on just rolling out software. We do that by diving deep into the context of your business.

We Develop Websites and Apps that do exactly what you need!

We specialize in custom web development services, which means that your solution will be tailored to perfectly fit your business.

  • Our custom websites and apps are created to cater to your unique business needs.
  • We develop solutions that will grow and evolve together with our clients’ businesses.

Benefits of Custom Programming Services by Zirin Labs


Our apps are often designed to store and processes extremely valuable and sensitive information for our clients. So, we go to great lengths to ensure security at all levels, such as setting user roles with various access levels, IP protection and encrypting sensitive data, among other measures.


Most likely your business is constantly growing, so the tools you use should also be able to grow with you. We ensure scalability of our solutions by striving for the cleanest and highest-quality code possible, so your website or app won’t be falling apart when you decide to add a new feature or two.

In Real Time

In case you need an app for an ongoing business, or you want to upgrade a system you are already using, we have experience in planning and structuring the development process in a way that will lead to minimum to no disruptions to your daily work.

Our Work Process

Zirin Labs is a full-cycle web development agency. This means that we offer more than just ‘web developers for hire’! You will be assigned a team for your project, which will include a Project Manager and QA Engineer, along with Developers.

Needs Analysis

We’ll start with questions about what you’d like to achieve with your project and then get into details, all to prepare a preliminary estimation.

Preliminary Estimation

Our experts will discuss your project internally, typically between the project manager and team lead, and present you with a rough estimate.


If we shake hands, the next steps are to prepare a project roadmap with project goals and milestones, as well as scope for the first 1–3 milestones.

Project Management

You will be assigned a project manager who will make sure your project is a success. The PM will be your main contact person, who will provide two-way communication with your team and be responsible for the end result.


It is optimal to start coding when all of the design work is finished. Thus, we’ll begin with front-end coding and then continue with back-end. But, of course, it depends on the project.

Continuous Delivery

Typically, we deliver projects to clients in parts at regular time intervals (sprints). So each period we will deliver a feature that you can see in action, all to ensure timely feedback and adjustments.

Quality Assurance

After our developers complete the major chunk of coding, the QA engineer will start his job. He will test business logic, bugs, system security and fix some smaller things like typos.


Regardless of the project’s complexity, after its release there is always room for uncertainty. That is why we always leave a time buffer, by launching before the due date, to make certain you get your working app right on time.


We will maintain and upgrade your app or website on a full-time or part-time basis, depending on your needs.

Ways you can work with us

Team Zeus is a very important quality of Zirin Labs and we build this muscle with every project. We believe we work better together, so we prefer working in teams and not ‘renting out’ our programmers, as well as other team members one-by-one.

On a Project Basis

This means that we will compile a team for your project, involving all of the necessary specialists to deliver your project in its entirety.
We have been using this approach to successfully deliver projects to our clients.

Dedicated Team/Team Augmentation

If you need specialists to work exclusively with you only on your projects, then we can gather a team for you.

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